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* indicates a score which is currently out of print

All score excerpts on this page remain under copyright and are presented for perusal by Ben Johnston and his publisher, Sylvia Smith.
To obtain performing or study scores of Johnston’s work, please contact:

Smith Publications / Sonic Art Editions

54 Lent Rd
Sharon, VT 05065

Phone: 802-765-4714

Alap (1996) contrabass
Sleep and Waking (1994) *
in collaboration with Ron George
Progression (1993) contrabass
Ponder Nothing (1989) clarinet or alto saxaophone
Palindromes (1987) snare drum
Toccata (1984) cello
Suite for Microtonal Piano (1978) piano
One Man (1967/72) piano
Sonata for Microtonal Piano / Grindlemusic (1962) piano
St. Joan (1958) * piano
Celebration (1953) piano
Toccata for piano (1953) piano
Pursuit (1992) bassoon, tuba
Legacy (1991) soprano, violin
Ma Mie Qui Danse (1991)
texts by Mie Cecile Inouye, Emily Dickenson
adapted by Ben Johnston
soprano, microtonal piano
The Demon Lover’s Doubles (1985) trumpet, microtonal piano
Twelve Partials (1980) flute, microtonal piano
Duo for Two Violins (1978)
Duo for Flute and String Bass (1963)
Knocking Piece (1962) 2 percussionists, playing
on piano interior and exterior
Sonata for Two (1961) violin and cello
Octet (2000) fl, cl, bsn, 2 vlns, vla, vlc, cb
Nightreach (1999) 4 saxophones
O Waly, Waly Variations (1999) * 4 saxophones
String Quartet No. 10 (1995)
Two Studies on Ancient Scales (1994)
by Harry Partch, arr. Johnston
string quartet
Fugue for Viols (1991) treble, 2 tenor, bass
Sextet (1990) flute and strings
String Quartet No. 9 (1987)
String Quartet No. 8 (1984)
String Quartet No. 7 (1984)
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Cello (1982)
String Quartet No. 6 (1980)
(for eleven instruments)
fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, tp, tb,
vln, vla, vlc, cb
String Quartet No. 5 (1979)
String Quartet No. 4 (1973)
(The Ascent, “Amazing Grace”)
String Quartet No. 3 (1966/73)
Four Do-It-Yourself Pieces (1969) open instrumentation
Number One: Casta *
Number Two: Recipe for a *
Number Three: Conference - A Telephone Happening
Number Four: Knocking Piece II
Lament (1966) * fl, tp, tb, vla, vlc, cb
String Quartet No. 2 (1964)
Motet (1963) 3 recorders
Non Piu (1963) 3 recorders
Diversion for Four (1959) vibr, pf, cb, perc
String Quartet No. 1 (1959)
“Nine Variations”
Gambit (1958)
for Merce Cunningham
Septet (1957) fl/picc, ob/eng hn, cl/bass cl,
bsn, hn, vlc, cb
Chamber Symphony (1990)
Journeys (1988)
Symphony in A (1988)
Quintet for Groups (1966)
Ivesberg Revisited (1960) jazz band
Newcastle Troppo (1960) jazz band
Passacaglia and Epilogue (1960)
from St. Joan
Carmilla (1970)
libretto: Wilford Leach
music theater
The Wooden Bird (1951) *
jointly composed with Harry Partch
play by Wilford Leach
Partch instruments
Parable (2000)
text: Jala ad-Din ar-Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks
with John Moyne
soprano, clarinet, violin
The Tavern (1999)
text: Jala ad-Din ar-Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks
voice, microtonal guitar
Quietness (1998)
text: Jala ad-Din ar-Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks
voice and string quartet
Invocation (1997)
text by Farid al-Din Attar
translated by C.S. Nott
soprano and chamber ensemble
U.S. Highball (1997) *
by Harry Partch, arr. Johnston
voice, string quartet
Barstow (1994)
by Harry Partch, arr. Johnston
voice, string quartet
Secret (1994)
text by Robert Bly
mixed chorus
A Man and a Woman Sit Near Each Other (1993)
text by Robert Bly
baritone voice, cl, hn
Mantram (1993) SATB chorus
Calamity Jane to her Daughter (1989) soprano voice, vln, kbd, org, drum set
Songs of Loss (1987)
text by John Donne
tenor voice, 2 vln, vla, vlc, cb
On Love (1986) mixed chorus
Sonnets of Desolation (1980)
text by Gerard Manley Hopkins
eight singers (SSAATTBB)
Two Sonnets of Shakespeare (1978) bass voice, fl, ob, cl,
tp, tb, tba, vla, cb
Visions and Spels (1976)
text translated from native American sources
by Jerome Rothenberg
improvising speaking group
Songs of Innocence (1975) *
text by William Blake
soprano and ensemble
I’m goin’ away (1973)
text based on an Appalachian folk song
SATB chorus
Mass (1972) SATB chorus, 8 tb, perc
Rose (1971)
text by Sibyl Johnston
SATB chorus
Prayer (1966)
text: “Now I lay me down to sleep”
SSA boys’ chorus
Ci-Gît Satie (1966)
text: scat syllables
SATB (four or more), bass, drum set
Of Vanity (1964)
text: Ecclesiastes
SATB chorus
A Sea Dirge (1962)
text by William Shakespeare
mezzo-soprano, fl, ob, vln
Five Fragments (1960)
text by Henry David Thoreau
voice, ob, bsn, vlc
Three Chinese Lyrics (1955) *
text by Li Po (Rihaku)
translated by Ezra Pound
soprano and 2 violins
Night (1955)
text by Robinson Jeffers
cantata for baritone, female chorus,
cl, hn, tp, tb, perc, vlc, cb

Unless otherwise indicated, files are made available under a Creative Commons license for artistic and educational purposes. Commercial use without explicit permission of the authors is not permitted.